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Local Internet access for 375, 694, 468 and 824 exchanges.

Monthly Internet Rates and Information

For information on our Internet Services, call us at (260) 375-2111

DSL Service Guide

Technical Support

375-3400 (Warren) or 694-6800 (Liberty Center)

Ways to Speed Up Your Computer

Is your computer running slow or freezing up? Try these clean up solutions.
1. Clean the dust from the outside and inside of your computer.
1.1. Turn the computer off and unplug it > Remove the side panel > Vacuum all of the dust out
2. Make sure Windows is updating regularly.
2.1. Go to Start > All programs > Windows update. Click update and make sure it is set to update regularly.
3. Install/update antivirus software
3.1. Install antivirus if you don't have any. Open the software and update it, if you do have software installed.
4. Clean up your desktop
4.1. Remove all unused shortcuts and icons from your desktop. Move any documents to the documents folder and any pictures to the pictures folder.
5. Clear your internet history
5.1. Open your internet browser and click on the tools tab. Select delete browing history or go to internet options and delete the history from there.
6. Run a Disk Cleanup
6.1. Go to STart > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cleanup. Select your C drive. Check all boxes that you want cleaned up.
7. Defragment your hard drive
7.1. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Defragmenter. Select your C drive and click analyze. Defragment the disk if it is recommended. Do not defragment more than once weekly.
Exact instructions may differ from one computer to another. You are responsible for what you do to your computer. Your hardware can fail at any time. If you are not sure or do not feel comfortable, please do not attempt and call our office for assistance.